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Masha Archer • Biography

Masha, aka Maria Muchin-Archer, was born in Kiev, Ukraine to Sophia and Mykola Muchin, both artists and teachers of painting and sculpture at the Kiev and Kharkov Art institutes. After spending post-war years in Europe, they emigrated to the United States in 1949. Masha has resided in San Francisco since 1967 with her husband, photographer Charles Archer (who died in 1993), along with her two daughters, Maya and Larissa.

Education and Early Work

She studied at Pratt Institute in New York City, majoring in painting and graphic design. Later she worked as a restorer and exhibitor at the Museo Nacional de Mexico, Mexico City, and designed jewelry and clothing in Tucson and San Francisco.

Honors and Special Recognition

Clients and Collectors

• Barbara Walters • Laura Bush • Beyonce Knowles • Joan Collins • Placido Domingo • Mrs. Larry King • Susan Lucci • Elaine Wynn • HRH Princess Turki Bin Nasser • Gene Hackman • Jennifer Love Hewitt • Olga Borodina • Mrs. Norman Lear • Shawn Southwick-King and Larry King • (Raul Julia) • Gladys Knight • Iris Apfel • Samuel Ramey • Ivana Trump • Oprah Winfrey • Sex and the City: The Movie • Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart • Rita Moreno • Sylvia Chase • Mary Wilson (The Supremes) • Erin Brockovich • Colleen Zenk Pinter • Clint Eastwood • Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer • Cynthia Nixon • Baroness Ludmilla Von Trapp • Countess Natalia Kosinsky •
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