San Francisco Series
BB-V4K $4675.00
24 karat gold over a silver plated copper crescent incised with traditional stamping and scoring motifs, featuring a blossom at the center–Hilltribe work of Northern Thailand. Lead free pewter (30% silver) scored small cones, textured rondelles (in nape section), star and flowers stamped brass toned discs and hammered ‘leaf’ twists–all from India. Lavender and rose opalite milkglass faceted drops–China. Gold plated copper small ellipsoids–from Ethiopia. Pale green and yellow cored clear vintage glass millefiore style rounds and ellipsoids–from China, circa 1950. Eight strand nape section of vintage lime green glass ellipsoids and white swirled drops–Czechoslovakia. Plated furnishings and two sisters pocket watch clasp–USA.

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