Merola Opera Auction Donation

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Merola Opera Auction Donation
WML-B34 $375.00
White Opalite Wreath #38K
Short single strand neck ring of white opalite vintage milkglass faceted rondelles — from the African bead trade, originating in Czechoslovakia. Aqua blue anodized cut aluminum discs — China, lead free pewter (30% silver) tiny stamped bicones — from India. Two 24 karat gold plated bronze end beads — from the Baoule tribes of Cameroon, using the lost wax technique.
Plated furnishings and Two-Sisters pocket watch clasp — USA.
Coin: One Kopek, 2008 — Ukraine

Earrings (1) EBL-T2 $225.00
1 1/2 inch long baguettes of pale blue stained resin in silver cone fittings stamped with raised images of cloud motifs — from Tibet.
Plated furnishings and surgical steel posts — USA.

Earrings (1) EOM-283 $225.00
Faceted white opalite milkglass ellipsoid panels — from China.
Plated furnishings and surgical steel posts — USA.

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