Bernal Heights #2 (San Francisco Series) (OAF-3Y4)

Bernal Heights #2 (San Francisco Series) (OAF-3Y4) $3675.00

Seven strand oval collar of ochre & white native made sand cast glass, hand painted with chevron and eye motifs (African bead trade); very old clear glass cubes & cornerless cubes (African bead trade). Lead free pewter (30% silver) spacers, stamped & scored discs and rondelles, and openwork end beads (India). Scored and stained camel bone rondelles (Ethiopia). Vintage glass ‘Chocolate & Cream’ colored faceted rondelles (Czechoslovakia). Antique yellow chevron striped glass rondelles (African bead trade).
Plated furnishings and Two-Sisters pocket watch clasp (USA).
Coin: One Kopek, 2010, Ukraine

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