#NK-7M $7850.00

Twelve strand ascot-style collar of red glass Hudson Bay trade beads, varying from red/orange to deep pomegranate in color, graduated in size and ranging in age from antique to early 1950’s – from the African bead trade. Also referred to as “white hearts”, this laminate glass originated in Czechoslovakia and has been used for trade throughout the Western Hemisphere since the early 1500’s.
Six channel brass ornament – Afghanistan, c. 1970, brass heishi – from the African bead trade. Fringed with twelve antique silver and copper grooming tools; including three pairs of tweezers, four ear spoons, two toothpicks, two symbolic temple ornaments (one is of an axe), and a hair pin (enameled hand).
Finished with two aluminum cube shaped end beads – from the cattle keepers of Kenya (c. 1975), made by recycling used cooking utensils; plated furnishings and Two-Sisters pocket watch clasp — USA
COIN: Brass Metro token, St. Petersburg (Soviet Russia), c. 1970’s
Produced in the late 1980’s, this necklace is featured on the cover and on page 126 of the book “Available Light – The Photography of Charles Homer Archer” – by Larissa Archer.
(available at BLURB books online)

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